Jeremy Dutcher

Lintultine naka monuwehkane ktolatuwewakonon // Let's sing and save our language

Soundstream: Panel and Performance

Qey Psi-te wen (Hey everyone!) 


OCT 16th 7:00pm --> I'm joining Cole Alvis and Melody McKiver at the Gardiner Museum for a panel discussion and performance on Indigenous Identity in Performance. I'll be debuting some tracks from Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa and taking questions from the audience (don't try and stump me, plz!)  Also, Melody puts on an incredible show, so you won't want to miss it. 

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Also, I joined the 21st century and got twitter!!! Follow and twat me @jdutcher_music

I got tipped off about this awesome book and it just came in the mail. Stories in the language that were collected all around Wolastokuk -- Amazing to hear all the stories both in English and Wolastoqi-- Check. it. OUT! 

Hope to see you on the 16th! Some samples of the music to come next week! 

Kci-woliwon (Many thanks)