Jeremy Dutcher

Lintultine naka monuwehkane ktolatuwewakonon // Let's sing and save our language

Video Post #1: Peskotomuhkatiwey Lintuwakon

Qey Psiw-te wen!  (Hey Everyone!)

I know it's still quite early in the process, but I wanted to share an arrangement that I have been working on. I've grown up with this melody and so naturally it was one of the first I gravitated towards -- not sure if it will make it onto the recording, but let me know what you think!

Sound familiar? It's an honour song often sung by east coast indigenous peoples. I think a huge part of these recordings will feature the theme of samaqan (water). Here, it is represented by the flowing arpeggio in the right hand as the vocal melody glides on top. Hope you enjoyed.

nenuhkuwin eliyay (Follow me, as I go onward!)